Fit Out Your Commercial Vehicle

A commercial vehicle is an expensive investment for your company. If you want to fit out your vehicle you need to make sure the car, van or ute you buy is suitable for the purpose you had in mind.

At VCM, as vehicle fit out specialists, we’ll talk to you about customising your vehicle before you commit to purchasing it.

Things to Consider

– Choosing the Right Vehicle

Choosing the correct vehicle or model of vehicle to suit your particular needs – we often suggest clients talk to us before they purchase their vehicles. We’ve fitted out most makes and models of commercial vehicles and may be able to suggest which ones would best suit your proposed fit-out.

– Choosing the Correct Ute Canopy

Many tradespeople buy on price, only to discover the ute canopy they’ve purchased is not able to do the job they’d hoped it would.

Aspects to consider include:

  • Will the load bearing support a roof rack if required?
  • Do you want a ute canopy with opening windows?
  • What height clearance does your ute canopy need?
  • Do you need a fibreglass ute canopy or will a plastic ute canopy do the job?
  • Plastic ute canopies will not take as much weight as a fibreglass canopy.

Roof Racks

You can put any roof rack on any vehicle, right? Not exactly. First consider what load bearing you need.

Make sure, before you purchase a vehicle that it is able to be fitted with a roof rack that will suit your needs and carry the weight and capacity you require of it.

Towing Capacity

Not all vehicles have the same towing capacity. If you tow a trailer you want to make sure the tow bar specifications are right for your vehicle, and that the tow bar has been designed and fitted correctly.

VCM are agents for Best Bars Ltd and are tow bar installation specialists.

Vehicle Accessories

A vehicle’s air bags may affect the type of front bar accessories that can be fitted without compromising the warranty of the vehicle. It pays to check first if you are considering a nudge bar or bull bar.

Avoid the Pitfalls

We are happy to share our 25+ years of experience to make sure you have considered any issues we have seen arise in the past so you can avoid them when choosing your new vehicle.

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