Cargo Barriers, Safety Screens, Panel Steel Safety Bulkheads

In the event of an accident, everything in the back of your vehicle is likely to end up in the front!  That’s why it makes sense to install a safety screen, cargo barrier or safety bulkhead.

Cargo barriers are designed to protect you and/or your employees in the event of a collision.

In the case of a solid bulkhead, it will also mean tools, stock and equipment in the back of your van are not visible from the front of the vehicle.

Cargo Barriers & Safety Screens

VCM can fit a mesh cargo barrier/safety screen or half screen to all popular makes and models of hatchbacks, station wagons and vans.

Our certified screens and barriers are constructed from box section steel mesh and then powder-coated, meeting all current New Zealand safety requirements.

A VCM vehicle cargo barrier or safety screen will protect passengers in your vehicle, or can be used to enclose a pet when travelling.

Vehicle Mesh Safety Screens for Pets and Other Animal Transport

It’s important to keep both the driver and the animals safe when they are being transported.
VCM fits secure mesh barriers, panels and cages to vehicles for animal transport.

Panel Steel Safety Bulkheads

VCM panel steel safety bulkheads are designed for vans, and protect drivers from the noxious fumes produced by rubbish or chemicals.

Our van bulkheads are manufactured from durable powder-coated steel.

Most commonly, we fit two types of vehicle bulkhead:

  • Solid Bulkhead
    Provides safety for the driver and a visual barrier between the cab and the load area – that means your tools and equipment are hidden out of sight
  • Window Bulkhead
    The window situated in line with the rear view mirror means the driver is protected but can still see out the back of the van.

Previous clients have included council rubbish collection vehicles and companies transporting paint or dangerous chemicals.

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